Publishing a Thesis as Book with ISBN

Benefits of publishing a thesis as book with ISBN

ISBN is International Standard Book Number is a 13-digit standard code which identifies the publisher.  And ISSN is International Standard Serial Number an eight-digit standard number which does not identify the publisher. Both ISBN and ISSN are codes that are used by publishers for numbering or serializing their publications. ISBN is mandatory and must be given if the book falls under the ISBN application. Numerous are the benefit of publishing thesis as book and the major being its availability. 

Book published is easy to carry with and present anywhere and anytime irrespective of time and location. One can target the right audience by choosing a quality publishing house with peer-review process. Editing and proofreading, is something that no thesis writer could afford to miss and publishing house make an easy way for author. It can be globally archived if once published.

A book published as thesis analyses existing research work done in a way that engages readers.

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