Book Promotion Ideas for Pre-Release Marketing

I get this question a lot, authors asking for book promotion ideas and guidelines for timing their prep work and marketing prior to the book’s release. It’s a valid concern, because most, if not all, book marketing blogs and books will tell you to start early. In general it’s good advice, being prepared is always a good thing, but how early can be relative depending on a few key factors. But in order to understand where this information came from, and how it’s changed, let’s take a look at how publishing timelines have evolved.
Most of the “start marketing your book early” warnings are ones you’ll get from folks who are involved in traditional publishing, because they have other markers that they need to consider when developing all of their book promotion ideas for a particular title. Magazine Editorial Calendars If your book promotion ideas involve pitching your book to magazines, then editorial calendars may be your best friend. These editorial calendars, which are rea…