Why Pen2Print Services

Digital and Print Publication Made Better and Easier
Pen2Print ensures cost-effective services for authors and scholars around the world.
Whether you are looking for online publication or print publication of book chapters. Pen2Print is there to help you achieve your goals of getting published with ISSN.
From the creation of your layout, formatting and designing of covers does it all for you.
Reduce your time to get published with collaboration with other authors and our streamlined processes.
Choose your desired content type and customize the layout for your publication needs.
A wide variety of features and improve the publication experience.

How It Works

  • Our in-house designers take your existing content in the form of word file of article, or virtually any other type of print or digital content.
  • Your designed layout undergoes stringent quality checks to ensure high-quality deliverables.
  • We deliver a fully digital and print version to you.


Your book chapter is combined with other book chapters and an edited book is created and published. This gives you more credit for your API.


Edupedia Publications with its imprints EduPub, Pen2Print, and EDUindex ideal with the publication of many types of digital products such as books, book chapters, journals, research papers, conference proceedings, e-books, audio CDs, DVDs, paintings, photographs or any form of digital art or products. Send book chapters for publication to editor@pen2print.org

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