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978-93-86647-30-6 price_$50
English Learning Made Easy Strategies and Approaches

English Learning Made Easy Strategies and Approaches

978-93-86647-30-6 price_$50
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Book Description

 Learning a new language never loses the charm or importance. English, for that matter, is still the lingua franca of the world. The world is witness to the unprecedented Covid 19 pandemic that has badly jeopardized the Education sector. Offline classes were given a toss and digital learning ruled the roost, along with its challenges. This is when the students realized that they need good books to cater to the loss of regular classes and compensate for first hand learning experience. And this is the main reason for the second edition of the book English Learning Made Easy. 

The book also comes in a new shape and size to appeal to the new readers. The book will offer an attractive grip to the new hands. Since the previous edition was published in 2016, further technique and new concerns have come to the fore. This revised edition presents this new design and these concerns so that educators and students can understand and benefit from them. Books are always our best companion. The idea of writing or editing a book remains always in our mind. Our students come from semi-urban background and not very fluent in English reading

TitleEnglish Learning Made Easy
EditorsDr Reena Mittal and Dr Archana Rathore
Book VersionPaperBack
ISBN Number"978-93-86647-30-6"
PublisherEdupedia Publications Pvt Ltd

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