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Bible-Believing Studies in ROMANS

Bible-Believing Studies in ROMANS

price_$200 Religious Books
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Title of Book Bible-Believing Studies in ROMANS Editor Name Michael D. O'Neal ISBN no. 979841854

Book Description

 These studies were originally prepared for a series of radio broadcasts. They have been edited for publication, but formality of style has not been a priority. I hope that the conversational tone of these studies will not be a stumbling block to you, but that it will, rather, make this work easier to read. May you find the commentary readable and enjoyable as well as instructive. This commentary is a book of STUDIES (please bear with me for the all capital letters that I use throughout this book for emphasis). However, they are also intended to be practical and devotional, as well as doctrinal. If our studies do not stir you to love God more and to live for Him better, then as an author I will have failed. I have no desire to increase your intellect without also influencing your will and challenging  you to follow the Lord Jesus Christ more fully.

Title of Book

Bible-Believing Studies in ROMANS                                                     

Editor Name

Michael D. O'Neal

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