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Recession Proof Recipes

Recession Proof Recipes

eBooks ISBN price_$30
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Author: Oliver Lawson ISBN 978-81-951122-3-4

Book Description

When times are tough, the dollar-menu at fast food restauranteurs can be rather alluring. Sure, it’s not a very healthy option, but when you’re really in a pinch, calories are calories. But it is possible to give Mickie D’s a run for its money and cook cheaply at home. So for those looking for drive-thru alternatives, I’m providing you with some cheap, tasty, and relatively healthy meals that neither come from a box, nor break the bank. In fact, these meals all come in at just under a few dollars per serving–or in fast food terms–less than the cost of a value fry, burger, and drink. So, enjoy some of my “recession specials.”

Book Title: Recession Proof Recipes
Author: Oliver Lawson
ISBN no. 978-81-951122-3-4
Published in 2022

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